About US

Saige And Simons is a designer team specializes in suiting fabrics which has taken latest fashion sense from Italy. The brand’s core focus has always been to provide something unique and fulfill best wardrobe solutions. We curate a collection of superior quality fabrics which is the quintessence for perfection in style and comfort. Feel the royal essence of Italian clothing as you wear our incredible clothes and it will not only make your look good but also, feel good. Saige And Simons provides you with splendid suiting fabrics in variety of colours, design and texture, which surely going to satisfy you with ultra-comfort ability during all season of the year and it caress your body. Our suiting fabrics are woven using good quality yarns.

The material we furnish is characterized by durability, softness, 100% genuine and enhanced lustre, which make them supremely comfortable. With our great selection of fine quality fabrics and first-class materials your design will make you stand out in any crowd. We strongly believe that your clothes should be made to fit you no matter what size you are. With a firm perception in our business ethics and corporate sustainability we have bolstered our position as the forerunner in the international textile market. An undying promise for world acclaimed quality, blends up the Italian essence of Saige And Simons suiting. Our fabrics are ideal for every occasion be it making your presence being felt in formal meetings or moments of leisure, welcoming every occasion with threads of style.